We are run by a board of 20 volunteer members. These members work tirelessly to put together a professional rodeo that is entertaining to the masses and organize the second largest horse race in the state. Each member wears multiple hats and works their hardest to bring their skills to the table. These individuals cannot be thanked enough for everything they do.

President, Jason Snider – Rodeo Committee Chair {jason@crookedriverroundup.com}

Vice President, Pat Goehring

Treasurer, Craig Hunt

Secretary, Gari Jo Noyes

Brett Bernard

Jerry Bernard

Byron Cheney

Christy Davis

Mel Davis – Sponsorship/Promotion Committee Chair {mel@crookedriverroundup.com}

Russ DeBoodt

Victor Dyas – Ticketing/Admissions {victor@crookedriverroundup.com}

Steve Forrester

Mark Gage

Karel Hereford – Parade/Vendors {karel@crookedriverroundup.com}

Pat McCabe

Dean Noyes – Race Committee Chair {dean@crookedriverroundup.com}

Susie Pape’ – Queen Committee Chair {susie@crookedriverroundup.com}

Dan Severance

Justin Severance

Travis Severance