Roundup Queen

Roundup Royalty for Rodeo and Races: 2021 CRR Queen

For this very special Re-Ride 7 Anniversary, the 2021 Roundup “diamond” is 19-year-old Emily McDaniel.

The daughter of Wendell and Laura McDaniel, Emily graduated from Baker Web Academy and is currently enrolled at Central Oregon Community College, studying for a business degree. When she’s not at school or doing homework, Emily spends her time at the barn, practicing her horsemanship skills. She aspires to become a trainer and great horsewoman, and is proud to call Prineville, Oregon, her home.

Emily began riding in the Crook County 4-H Program when she was just nine years old, and since then she’s ridden many different disciplines, including Western pleasure, English, gaming, reining, trail, cow horse, and cutting. She recently had the opportunity to learn how to start colts and give them a solid foundation. “Colts are like sponges—they absorb everything,” Emily says. “It’s so rewarding to see them grow and progress in their first years under saddle.”

This year, you’ll find Emily riding her very own dark bay mustang gelding, Ranger. In addition to riding and training horses, she enjoys spontaneous dance parties, good coffee, great conversation, and knitting socks. She looks forward to all the new experiences and adventures this year will bring while representing the Crooked River Roundup.

Emily will be making appearances at the following rodeos in 2021:

Crooked River Roundup Queen Emily McDaniel

CRR Flashback

Did you know?

In both 1993 and 1994, "Miss Rodeo Oregon" was a former member of the CRR Court—Michelle Holliday, followed by Kitty Sharp.

To be considered for Crooked River Roundup Queen in 2022, click here for more information. 

Emily is the latest to join the rich history of Crooked River Roundup Queens, as follows.

1944 Frances Beoletto Clark
1944 Bunny Johnson Chestnutt
1944 Fay Phillips Page
1944 Mildred Meder Woods
1944 Mickey Warren Reynolds
1945 Kate Osborne White
1945 Shirley McKenzie Horton
1945 Betty Braley
1945 Betty Jean Davis
1946 Betty Jo Rhoden Terwilliger
1946 Shirleen Harrington Green
1946 Adeline Warren Kavanaugh
1946 Betty Jean Wilkenson
1947 Jan Bowen
1947 Georgia Blinn
1947 Doris Sell-Doney
1947 Dorothy Nettleton
1948 Beverly Kissler Rees
1948 Bonnie Gage Reeves
1948 Jean Redner Lau Metler
1948 Joyce Nedra
1949 Janett Redner Staats
1949 Patsy Mink Sullivan
1949 Sandra Scott Shepherd
1950 Betty Hackleman Wilson
1950 Ramone Moore Romine
1950 Nadeane Reif Silbernagel
1951 Connie Dickson
1951 Peggy Calpitts Lewellyn
1951 Lois Stephenson Meken
1952 Jackie Patterson Kiggins
1952 Barbara Carlisle
1952 Fay Rice
1953 Court from Warm Springs
1954 Glenda Gerardo
1954 Jean Houston Edwards
1954 Judy Gumpert Boring
1955 Jo Bolton Knoch
1955 Crystal Moore Madison
1955 Rita Welch Krebs
1956 Yvonne Raymond Sappington
1956 Pat Oar DeBoard
1956 Kay Patterson Puckett
1957 Rita Welch Krebs
1957 Barbara Waibel Hopla
1957 Joyce Smith Brooks
1958 Gayle Austin
1958 Claudia Christensen Steelhammer
1958 Donna Nutting
1959 Barbara Weaver Monical
1959 Molly Houston Kee
1959 Judy Hagberry
1960 Judy Wheeler Robertson
1960 Sherry Graves Fehrenback
1960 Carolyn Still Severance
1961 Molly Houston Kee
1961 Pat Collins
1961 Bobbie Collins
1962 Sandra Miller Coiurious
1962 Carol Houston Dunaway
1962 Karen Jones
1963 Katy Norton Southwick
1963 Connie Sue Stills Summers
1963 Sandy Warner
1963 Carolyn Still Severance
1963 Sally VanBlaricom Zoek
1963 Sharon Burnap
1963 Mary Metteer
1963 Judy Culver
1963 Carolyn Cleveland
1963 Sue Stover Caicedo
1964 Merrilee Mosier
1964 Marty Helms Sanders
1964 Judy Bryson Harris
1964 Linda Munkers Smith
1964 Marsha Wright Smith
1964 Judy Tomplinson
1964 Bonnie Gray Stryker
1965 Sally VanBlaircom Zeek
1965 Kathy Hafter Zinn
1965 Penny Lyon Treeby
1966 Jan Ordway Bolton
1966 Terry Hendry Benefiel
1966 Jeanne Sharp Searcy
1967 Parline Norton
1967 Colleen Ormsby
1967 Jeanne Sharp Searcy
1968 Lucindra Welch
1968 Cathy DeLude Chase
1968 Starla Beymer

1969 Georgia Osborne McCabe
1969 Cathy Rachor Brock
1969 Sharon Ticoulat Russell
1970 Rita Young Smith
1970 Pennie Smith Simpson
1970 Peggy Eidemiller
1971 Pam Drazil Talbot Lytle
1971 Diane Sell Bowers
1971 Sherry Smith Matteson
1972 Donna Hatfield Streamer
1972 Shirley Anne Grant Ross
1972 Donna Hamner
1973 Janeen Osborne Wienke
1973 Debbie Grant Ausec
1973 Janet Houdershell Roshak
1974 Carol Richter Garside
1974 Peg Mizer Petersen
1974 Terry Reeves
1975 Tammy Wolverton Starlin
1975 Jill Welch Hedges
1975 Susan Bussey Lanier
1976 Jolene Webb
1976 Cathy McCabe Lane
1977 Cathy McCabe Lane
1977 Kristi Fuller
1977 Judi Hicks Williams
1978 Teresa Crain Brock
1978 Cindy Kelly
1978 Linda Smith
1979 Carla Woodward Rachor
1979 Tami Garrison Richey
1979 Bobbie Woodward Mortimore
1980 Bobbie Woodward Mortimore
1980 Valerie Smart Flower
1981 Teresa Waibel Bex
1981 Teresa Cliff
1982 Susie Decker Lalande
1982 Kathleen Proctor Curtis
1983 Lisa Palmer Wagner
1983 Kim Waibel Morgan
1984 Colleen Severance
1984 Carol Maley Petty
1985 Lori Starr Desjardins
1985 Tracy Rush Thackery
1986 Lee Chitwood
1986 Kim Hasse Henshaw
1987 Darla Surplus Kennedy
1987 Teresa Fehrenbacher
1988 Tammy Burke Springer
1988 Charlotte Hite Corwin
1989 Kristina Long
1989 Angie Bernard
1990 Jenny Gerety Seals
1990 Kitty Sharp Lauman
1991 Carin Wilson George
1991 Michelle Holiday McMichael
1992 Jen Keller
1992 Tawyna Franke Taylor
1993 Daphne Tingle
1993 Angela Holliday Humble
1994 Tracy Elroy
1995 Heather Butts Wood
1996 Joie Kiser Bowen
1997 Mary Lant
1998 Lacey Peterson - Honorary
1999 Shae Koops-Frazier
2000 Amorita Patterson-Anstette
2001 Maria Darby Crowley
2002 Stephanie West
2003 Jennie Gregory Romanick
2004 Heather Smith Wyatt
2005 Misty Carter
2006 Cassie Sanders
2007 Eliza Broehl Harper
2008 No Queen
2009 Shae Perry Kent
2010 Lacey McBeth
2011 Jenna Jacobsen
2012 Jordan Payne
2013 Mikaela Kollermeier
2014 Megen Hopper
2015 Randi Johnson
2016 Kayla Vincent
2017 Sarah Tolton
2018 Riann Cornett
2019 Janna Davis
2020 & 2021 Emily McDaniel- events canceled in 2020

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